Building a community of go'getters

PERFIT has been designed to meet our members needs, wants and goals. We want to ensure coaching will be done at the highest level so that no one goes unnoticed and our facility is ready to deliver the best possible experience.

This is where our members can grow as individuals and have a great time enjoying their fitness and all the benefits to their health improving. Which will be encouraged daily from our coaches and like minded members who all share the same common goal – to be better.

small group pt

Our small group personal training is our unique approach to individual training, where you can get that personal approach and close attention to meet your goals, needs and wants; but the ability to train with others, this provides the perfect setting to have more fun and progress within your training.

This side of your training is the bread and butter to building the blocks on becoming stronger, fitter and more robust.


Our fitness classes is where we come together in larger groups, we team up, pair up and train solo in a range of different movements and intensities. Through conditioning sessions that not only compliment our small group training, but also our training philosophy of using a range of modalities of fitness to give us a bang for buck workout. We can use these to level up our fitness, enjoy, and share wins with others as one big team.

This side of your training is where you learn a little more about yourself and your fitness, pacing within your levels of short, medium and long efforts.


Start your fitness journey with PERFIT today